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I firmly believe that self-care is a state of mind and to care for yourself doesn’t require fancy products or spending lots of money. However, there are some things that aid my self-care practices and I wanted to share them with you today. Sometimes a little self-care gift can help inspire us to give ourselves permission to practice self-care.

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Meditation Cushion

Recently I’ve been trying to establish a regular meditation practice and found that I just could not get completely comfortable on the floor with a workout mat or regular pillow. I recently upgraded to a dedicated meditation cushion and what a difference! I like this particular one because it’s nice and firm, allowing me to comfortably straighten my spine and not sink into the cushion. Bonus — it comes with a carrying bag!

AJNA Buckwheat Meditation Velvet Cushion | Amazon

Silk Eye Mask

Speaking of meditation, I sometimes need a little encouragement in keeping my eyes closed and distractions away. Using an eye mask can help block out any light and gently keep eye lids closed. I’ve been using my silk sleeping eye mask from LilySilk with good success.

LilySilk 100% Silk Eye Mask | Amazon

5-Minute Daily Meditations Book

Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down and do a longer meditation. That’s where Sah d’Simone and his 5-Minute Meditations book comes in. There is 1 meditation for every day of the year, ranging from thought-provoking questions, food for thought or guided exercises that are quick and easy to complete, even on the busiest of days!

5-Minute Meditations by Sah d’Simone | Amazon

Facial Massage

While facial massage has become massively popular for slimming the jawline, I use it to help relieve tension and pain in my face, help reduce headaches, de-stress and get a little more in tune with my skin.

I find facial rollers to be the easiest tool to start with, especially if you are a beginner!

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller | Ulta

Face Factory Rose Quartz Roller | Yesstyle

I recently have been enjoying Gua Sha which helps to relieve tension in the face using acupressure points. Gua Sha is a little more intense and takes more care than a facial roller, so I’d suggest this as an upgrade from your roller.

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Gua Sha | Ulta

The Pure Lotus Rose Quartz Gua Sha | Yesstyle

Both: Roller and Gua Sha Rose Quartz Set | Stylevana

A word about rose quartz

If you are interested in the language of crystals, you know that rose quartz is a high vibration stone of love. It’s really one of the ultimate stones of self care because it helps remind us to be loving and gentle with ourselves. It’s a great crystal to choose if you are inviting more self care into your life. (Remember we can only turn that love and care outwards once we have filled our own cup first!)


I’m a huge tea fan and you’ll find me most afternoons sipping on a cup of my current herbal favorite. But now that the weather has turned very cold, I find my afternoon tea ritual has become an important part of my winter self-care routine. Tea helps warm my body and some blends can also help with focus, insomnia or anxiety.

For an afternoon pick-me-up I enjoy Harney & Sons Peppermint | Amazon | iHerb

For a relaxing night time cup I love Harney & Sons Yellow and Blue Chamomile | Amazon | iHerb

High Vibrational Food

Eating healthy has always been a top priority for me. But lately I’ve found my days are so busy there is little time for food planning and prep. Instead of being hard on myself for not making time to cook, I decided to gift myself a subscription to Daily Harvest to help keep on track. They offer veggie-based frozen meals that are delivered to your door in fully recycled (or compostable) packaging. I get a variety of items I can grab on the nights I need something quick but will still nourish my body. The Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash Harvest bowl has been a fave!

Get $25 off your first Daily Harvest box with my referral link.

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