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The self care lifestyle podcast to help inspire and guide the journey to your best self.

Are you thriving off drama in your life? Of course you aren't! Drama stresses us out, keeps us small and makes life pretty miserable. Today's solocast is all about stepping out of the drama at work, in relationships and online! I'm going to share 3 stories of drama in my life, what they taught me and how to deal!I'm planning an Ask Kelly advice episode! I want to hear your questions so please leave me a voicemail or  write me on my website!Submit a Question for Ask KellyConnect with me:My YouTube Channel  Connect with me on Instagram My Website Personal Development Books I Recommend (Affiliated Link)Thank you so much to Naz Alakai for the theme song! Big thank you to Keo Pisey Studio for the artwork!
  1. 8: No More Drama
  2. 7: Following Your Gut Instinct w/ Michelle Wong Lab Muffin Beauty Science
  3. 6: Are You Checking In With Yourself?
  4. 5: Passion, Purpose and Sunscreen w/ Glow By Ramon
  5. 4: Stop Being a Perfectionist


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