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35: Critical Thinking in The Beauty Space w/ Michelle Wong Lab Muffin Beauty Science The Journey | A Self Care Podcast

Beauty products are the gateway for many of us into deeper self care, but with so much misinformation, fear mongering and eco-washing out there, how can we feel confident in the purchases we are making? Science has the answers! Whenever I'm in doubt about science claims around my beauty products I turn to Michelle! Michelle Wong is a chemistry PhD and science communicator who you might know under the name Lab Muffin Beauty Science. In this episode I ask Michelle about some of the biggest myths surrounding sunscreen, what does "reef safe" even mean and are those sustainable marketing claims really all they seem?Follow Michelle on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Read her Blog here.Listen to the Amazing Jen on The Ecowell PodcastCritical Thinking Coursera coursesMore science-y sunscreen fun with Michelle The Sunscreen e-Summit This episode was sponsored by DIME Beauty. Check out their offerings here and use code: journey20 at checkout for 20% off your cart! Help support the show at Buy Me a CoffeeFollow The Journey on InstagramConnect with me:YouTubeInstagram Website Personal Development Books I Recommend (Affiliated Link)Thank you so much to Naz Alakai for the theme song and big thank you to Keo Pisey Studio for the artwork!
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