Makeup, Confidence and Korean Skincare

Makeup. It can make us look put together, emphasize our favorite traits, make us feel powerful or just plain pretty. But makeup is also a tool we use to cover up things we don’t like; acne, scars, dark marks, dark circles, the list goes on. In my early twenties I got very much into makeup.…… Continue reading Makeup, Confidence and Korean Skincare

30 Life Lessons I Learned From Skincare

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Warning, emotional and motivational post ahead! Still with me? When I started this crazy skincare and K-beauty fueled journey, I was about to graduate college. I was lost, no career prospects and very little money. I felt so much was possible but I also felt very lost on how to accomplish it. As I grew…… Continue reading 30 Life Lessons I Learned From Skincare

How to Start Journaling

I believe that everyone has gifts and talents that they are meant to share with the world. This is the key to unlocking our greatest life. But how do we find out what we are good at and what our talents are? And, how do we use those to create our greatest life? I believe…… Continue reading How to Start Journaling