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Makeup, Confidence and Korean Skincare

Makeup. It can make us look put together, emphasize our favorite traits, make us feel powerful or just plain pretty. But makeup is also a tool we use to cover up things we don’t like; acne, scars, dark marks, dark circles, the list goes on.

In my early twenties I got very much into makeup. Not only did I want to enhance my look and frankly just feel pretty, I begun to learn and appreciate the artistry of making yourself look different with makeup. I was in college and studying for a theater degree so I was learning the ins and a outs of live theater and that included stage makeup.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to that class, but I learned such an appreciation for makeup artistry and I was attracted to the transformation of it all. Makeup was fun but it also allowed me to escape into a difference character, to be a different person.

Photo 379
One of my looks from stage makeup class, Chrysta from Ferngully, circa 2009

And in a way we all do that to some degree when we apply makeup.

Over the coming years my makeup routine got more elaborate, I started to wear heavier foundation and more intricate eye makeup looks. I loved how foundation made my uneven skin tone look healthy, covered my acne scars and dark marks and helped me look more awake even after getting little sleep.

But eventually my heavy makeup got the best of me and I was left with skin that was very dull, congested and extremely textured.

This was the turning moment where I became interested in skincare. Like most people, I tried to google my way out of the situation (you can google your way through anything, trust me) and that is when I fell into the rabbit hole of the skincare community, those days it was on makeup alley and then reddit.

I learned about AHA, BHA and all kinds of fun skincare techniques like double cleansing (not fully removing that heavy foundation was a big part of my problem).

As I dived deeper into skincare I started to seek my glow, not from foundation or concealer, but from toners and serums.

As my skin improved my makeup routine changed.

I definitely credit my interest in Korean skincare and Korean beauty trends as a big reason why I favor natural makeup looks now. (glass skin, emphasizing big eyes and straight brows is very appealing and lends itself to a more natural look)

But what really made my philosophy change? My confidence.

Before I used to use makeup as a way to cover up my flaws, to hide. It coincided with a period of my life where I felt very confused and lost and my confidence was very low. I used to not be able to leave the house without makeup, I felt self-conscious and very exposed if I wasn’t wearing makeup. Makeup was a coping mechanism for me, but one that ultimately was hurting my skin and my confidence.

When I started to build a skincare routine and see results, I was hooked! My skin drastically improved and things I thought I just had to live with, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone and congestion went away and my skin just looked healthy and radiant.

I experimented with lighter forms of makeup like BB and CC creams and found that I enjoyed lighter, more natural looks over the heavier and more “made up” looks.

But ultimately I found that I was more comfortable in my skin than ever before.

Skincare brought me pride in my skin but it was also the key that unlocked a deep self-confidence that was buried inside.

Not only am I more comfortable in lighter makeup, but I’m also more comfortable with no makeup. Even when my bare skin isn’t at it’s best I feel comfortable showing it in public (or YouTube) because I no longer feel like I need to hide.

Skincare has made a big impact on my life and confidence but I see my makeup interest and subsequent makeup abuse as the start of my path to finding self-confidence.

3 responses to “Makeup, Confidence and Korean Skincare”

  1. I was never one for heavy makeup (nor did I ever consider myself good at applying it), but there were days when I wouldn’t want to leave the house without putting on my face.

    Now? I’ll put on some Cicapair at a minimum, draw up my brows a little, and apply some lip tint and be fine with it. I think taking better care of my skin has allowed me to embrace it as it is in some way, if that makes sense.

    I went to lunch with friends the other day and after the meal, one of my friends wanted to take a photo of us together. This was a day on which I wore the bare minimum of makeup. In the past, I would have insisted I NOT be in the photo. But that day? I was all smiles. It’s the little things that make you consider just how far you’ve really come.

    • It really is the little things that make you realize how far you’ve come, if you take the time to realize them! I definitely think taking care of my skin, even when it’s not it’s best has allowed me to be more confident in my bare skin. Something about the psychology of having a routine seems to help me feel like I have an active hand in my skin, if that makes sense.

  2. Would you share some of your favorite or mist used makeup sometime? I like cc creams as well and lighter makeup and yours is spot on!! Thanks!!!

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