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Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop – The Best Vitamin C?

Let’s talk about Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop.*

This was my first product from Klairs, the super popular K-Beauty brand. I have yet to try the Supple Preparation Toner which is a cult classic in the Asian Beauty community. So needless to say, I had no bias when I started this product.

As I am closing the door on my twenties soon, I am beginning to think about leveling up my skincare routine to include some more souped anti-aging ingredients. My first thought was adding in a vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an incredible ingredient in skincare. It can help to brighten the skin and lighten hyper-pigmentation. The antioxidants in vitamin C help the skin repair after exposure to damaging UV rays, and vitamin C can aid in anti-aging by maintain and helping to produce collagen in the skin. So who wants brighter, clearer, firmer and more youthful looking skin? Sign me up!

The purest form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Skincare blogs and enthusiasts alike will argue that ascorbic acid or l-ascorbic acid is the most effective form of vitamin C. However it’s very unstable. Exposure to light and oxygen will degrade the pure vitamin C, turning it brown, and making it ineffective.

I had known the awesome benefits of vitamin C in skincare for years, but shied away from using it because most bottles cost about $30-$50 but go bad in about a month! My frugality should not be underestimated. Not to mention they needed to be kept in the refrigerator. My laziness should also not be underestimated.

However, much like the internet, skincare changes and advances are made. Hallelujah! No more Myspace and chatroulette — and no more unstable, and expensive vitamin C’s!

Advancements in skincare science have allowed Klairs to create a vitamin C oil that contains pure vitamin C, but also contains stabilizers that prolong the life of this oil. No refrigerator and it’s so stable it even comes in a clear bottle! My bottle has lasted about five months without yellowing!

This is a 5% vitamin C oil. While the percentage may seem low, it allows this oil to be very gentle on the skin. I forgot to mention the other tricky thing about traditional vitamin C; it can be harsh on the skin, causing burning, stinging and requiring a period of introduction to whip your skin into submission to the burn.

Klairs vitamin C is not like that. The low percentage makes this oil very easy to work into your routine without too much fuss. I felt a slight warming on my skin when first using this but definitely no burning and my skin did not cry for mercy.

That makes this oil ideal for first time vitamin C users and could be a great product to help work your way up to a higher percentage. It’s also the ideal vitamin C for sensitive skin types.

The consistency of this oil is very lightweight and sinks into my skin easily. As a dehydrated skin type and clogged pore sufferer, oil isn’t high on my list of ideal skincare products. However, this oil did not cause any clogs or congestion and didn’t disrupt my hydrating products from doing their thang.

Now the results: What did this oil do for my skin? Answer: What didn’t it do for my skin?

Enter exhibit A:


This picture was taken the first week of May 2018.

A little background. My skin generally becomes a playground of clogged pores and acne in the springtime. I have no science backed evidence for this but my gut tells me this is my body’s version of spring time allergies.

This spring was extra special because I was lucky enough to take an extended trip to Ireland and France. I was unlucky enough to have my luggage lost/missing for most of all of my time in France. While I had the majority of my liquid skincare with me, my low PH cleanser was in that missing bag. So I had to use a high PH cleanser that stripped my moisture barrier and caused a ton of irritation on my skin.

This picture was taken about three weeks after my return home and you can literally feel the anger and resentment my skin had for me at the time. My skin is angry, red, littered with clogged pores and some lovely inflamed acne has made it’s appearance known.

This is where Klairs comes into to play.

I used this oil religiously and didn’t change products too much during this time period. I wanted to see what this oil could do for my situation.

Enter Exhibit B:


This picture was taken exactly one month later in June 2018.

As you can see my redness has completely gone away. Much of the inflammation has gone down as well. I am left with lots of hyper-pigmentation but it does seem like my skin is starting to heal. Promising results so far.

Enter Exhibit C:


Exactly two months from the first picture in May, this is July 2018.

Wow! Can you see what this wonder oil has done for my skin?!

My redness is completely gone, replaced by a bright and even skin tone. Clogged pores are nearly non-existent, and acne is nowhere to be seen. My dark marks, the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation that graces my face after a breakout, have been faded into a distant memory.

I am so impressed with this vitamin C! You can see why I give this a rave review and truly will recommend this to everyone. I am excited to see what long term use of this will do for anti-aging and collagen production.

This retails around $25, and combined with the fact that this is very shelf stable, I think this is the best value vitamin C available.

Get Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop on Amazon*

TL;DR? Watch the video.


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